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"It's Cadpig, Sir!"
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"It's Cadpig, Sir!"
(by Tobias, Sep 27, 2009)
"Whatever, Carpool, hit the deck and give me thirty-th..four...SEVEN!!" (courtesy of Lt. Pug ;P)

I should love my attention span X3 A few days ago I came across a Christmas song, which reminded me of this TV series from .. uhm .. eight years ago or so? They aired after the movie '101 Dalmatians' (fittingly named '101 Dalmatians - The Series') - just that it focuses on three of the pups (Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig) and a chicken( Spot) instead. Of course, back then I wasn't blessed with YouTube yet, so I got to enjoy the German version (which was actually done quite well). Still, in their Christmas special they kept the Christmas tune from the US-version, which isn't a tune used in Austria at all. Sooo back then it caught my attention (it does sound really nice) and I was trying to find out what song it was. Picture a little seal listening through aaall the Christmas CDs in that one big music store we had back then - which wasn't even a dedicated music store, it focused mainly on school supplies X3

Anyhow *zoom back to the present* I came across that same tune and just had to watch that series again (a few weeks ago it was the key episodes of Digimon because of Guilmon) - *poof* there went the next few evenings X3 I'm glad I got reminded of it though - especially because somehow I had completely forgotten about it over the years O.o Which is a pity, really, because I loved the show (still do) - they have a lot of detail in there, and the characters are simply refreshing ^-^

Cadpig *points up* is my favourite character (followed closely by Spot) - she's the shortest pup of the pack, but she makes up for that by being smart, witty - and sliiightly hypocritical, though that doesn't make her any less adorable ;P Really, if I had to pick, I'd pick her anytime ("Two for the Show" anyone? Even if in that episode Rolly was probably the best choice ;P Whoops, spoilers?)

I need to update this more X3
"It's Cadpig, Sir!" - Comments
Sep 27, 2009 
Hehe, ah! I remember this cartoon. (: It wasn't on for too long, but I really loved the 101 Dalmation movies and characters. (: I think what I love about her, aside from being all small and sassy, is the name Cadpig. It's just very unique and I can appreciate it. (:

I think since I'm inclined to the chubby type, I'd probably like their fat doggy friend if I watched the series again... it's great you got to relive the fun of an old cartoon! :D
And any updates from you are welcome! Bwuhaha.
Sep 27, 2009 
The funny thing is, when they translated everything into German, they kept every single name (from what I remember at least, Lucky stays Lucky, Rolly stays Rolly, and Spot stays Spot), except for one - Cadpig. She's named Goliath for some reason - which I really associated with a boy's name X3

And yay, I'm not the only one who has seen this! ^-^ Rolly's nice buuuuut .. Idunnohiseatinghabitscanbealittlescaryattimes ;P

Thanks, Nishi <3
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