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It's Fun
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It's Fun
(by Tobias, Feb 26, 2004)
Another character .. all in blue-ish purple n.n
I bet you can guess his main hobby at your first try.

Want to use this as an avatar in forums or similar? Sure, go ahead, I would feel honoured, but make you read the "Terms of Use" on the bottom of the "adoptables"-section. Thanks =n.n=
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It's Fun - Comments
Feb 28, 2004 
Very cute! He plays soccer, am I right? X3
Mar 2, 2004 
yup yup .. all day long .. well, as long as he isn't sleeping, going out with friends, eating or doing something else along these lines =n.n=
May 28, 2004 
awwww, it's sooo cute! Although his back paws dont really look like paws to me. =3 wiggles them* LOL! I use to play soccer with a team, but I quit ^^;
May 29, 2004 
eeeh, the ball also isn't really round .. but hey .. it's fun ;)
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