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(by Tobias, Jan 24, 2004)
If I have to be honest - no idea what this is, I just started drawing a sea-character and .. well .. here it is, green with pink spots and even pinker fins .. maybe a seahorse type thingy? It's supposed to be female and looking surprised, or puzzled, at least, maybe even a bit defensive. Soo, if others often surprise you, leaving you standing there, like "boah, how did they do that" or "woa, what's what?" .. this definitely would be "your" character.

Want to use this as an avatar in forums or similar? Sure, go ahead, I would feel honoured, but make you read the "Terms of Use" on the bottom of the "adoptables"-section. Thanks =n.n=
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Ocean - Comments
Feb 1, 2004 
sooo cute! i love you're art. ^_^ *Adopts everything*
Nicole Da Cat
Mar 6, 2004 
Aww! This is adorable! =3
Mar 6, 2004 
thank you, I'm glad you like it n.n
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