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Clay Lenore - Rat
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Clay Lenore - Rat
(by Tobias, Feb 22, 2005)
Hehe, Lenore again - this time as her rat character however, sitting on a sledge (which previously was the box of my pocket calculator for maths, wheee XP ) and sliding down a hill, complete with felt jacket and headband ^-^
Actually, it's from way back then, in December, but I never really got to upload it .. soooo .. here it is ;P
Clay Lenore - Rat - Comments
Feb 24, 2005 
Yay, you uploaded it =3 Weeell you pretty much know my comment already, you did a great job on everything, it's adorable ^-^ <3
I didn't know the box was from a calculator ;P
Feb 24, 2005 
Hehe, yush, I know, you already told me and I'm all happy and honoured that you like it (even though I can spot quite a few flaws now) ^-^
Oh yush, it was from one .. the one I use in school, actually .. it was juuuust the right size ;)

Anyhow, thanks for your nice comment, it's appreciated ^-^ <3
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