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Clay Nishi
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Clay Nishi
(by Tobias, Dec 16, 2004)
Well, and this would be Nishi, as clay figure, complete with egg and saddle (but without jacket). Yoshies always are tough to make for me for some reason, anatomy-wise, and it was also a bit tricky to make the figure not fall over (due to his S-like shape), but it all worked out in the end, I think ^-^
Clay Nishi - Comments
Dec 16, 2004 
You did such splendid work once again, my friend. ^^ It'd definitely be hard to balance yoshies (especially with big head and nose they have), and you can kind of notice in the top-middle one, but egad it just looks so cool, and you got it standing, that's more than I could do! :B You go the color just right, the blue eyes look wonderful in your style, the saddle and shoes are right on target (And actually look quite dashing, if I do say so myself X3)! You even included little details like the nostrils, three spikes (Many people still use the old four-spiked way, which is fine, but I like the three instead ^^), and a little yoshi-styled egg to play with. :3 Ooh, and the way you made his head more raptor styled (If that's the right dinosaur I'm thinking of) worked out so well too! You can still tell it's a yoshi, but it's done in your own style choice, making it much more special and original too! ^^
And not that you really planned out this last part, but next to orange and green, I adore the color silver, and the shine on the black surface (That's what I'm guessing at least) give it a silvery look, which makes the whole of each angle shot look so superiffic! I feel so lucky, thank you vury vury much indeed for this, such a positively uprising addition to a mundane date, I can't tell you how thankful I am. ^^ I shall save it on my hard drive (Just as I did with the picture at the top of the page X3) and keep it with me for as long as I can... Thank you thank you again! *Hugs, hand shakes, and happy days to you*
Jan 6, 2005 
Whoa, your coloring has certainly improved! Nishi looks more sophisticated from the dog anatomy (lenore and sylvana) so you've done a good job on it. You could work on smoothing the clay better, but other than that, you did an awsome job on it! ^^ Keep it up!
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